Chord Alchemy

A Tribute to Ted Greene, and his Music.

Chord Alchemy is now available for purchase on Bandcamp here:

All recordings and performance rights are the property of John March and Shunyata music publishing™, all rights reserved. "A student's tribute to Ted Greene", Copyright© March 24th 2010. Duplication, distribution, broadcast and re-use of any kind, is by permission only.

About this project and why I did it

Ted Greene Website

Email: johnmarchaudio at Gmail dot com

Credits and recording setup

This page, and these recordings, were a labor of love.

These are my interpretations of Ted's solo guitar arrangements of these wonderful Jazz standards.

I did this because I needed to. I did this because Ted was a great teacher, and I want his music to remain alive and vital, and hopefully this page will inspire others to perform and record their own versions of his arrangements. ...and also sometimes Art needs to just be made for the sake of trying to make something beautiful.

If you have enjoyed what you have heard here, and want to support further recordings and Ted's works, please buy the CD!

Thank you

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