A Ted Greene Tribute Project, Listener comments and quotes. (Please feel free to submit comments).

“This project is the culmination of a long and arduous mission, the result of a student’s reverence and dedication to his beloved teacher and mentor, Ted Greene.

John March has accomplished the goals he set out for himself by paying a musical tribute to Ted and his works, for the many gifts of learning about music, life, and in fact himself, that were bestowed upon him during the many years Ted graced his life.

Ted’s influence and spirit are subtly reflected throughout John’s interpretations of the beautiful pieces of music he chose to share with others. 

Within each piece of music, the process of John’s growth as a musician and a person is evident.  John overcame the most challenging obstacles to attain, what I feel, is a true expression of Ted’s spirit in capturing and immortalizing the inherent beauty and delicate nuance in Ted’s wonderful solo guitar arrangements of standards, as well as displaying some unique qualities, born from John’s history of playing the music of the blues.

Finally, and most honorable, are John’s intentions for creating this project.  I know in my heart that Ted would be so proud of him. May it go forth into the world and work its magic with my blessings.”

Barbara Franklin - Author of My Life with The Chord Chemist: A Memoir of Ted Greene, Apotheosis of Solo Guitar

"I don't believe in coincidence so it could be no coincidence that I met John March, nor is it coincidence that he has become one of my closest, dearest friends. We make music together and what a gift that has been. I have the utmost respect for John as an artist and as a human being. He carries his integrity into everything he does and it shows in his attention to detail, quality and original expression. I also knew and admired his mentor, the late guitarist/ teacher Ted Green since 1974 and it's easy to see the influence Ted had on John. John strives to sound like no other guitarist and has blazed his own trail through the landscape of music. This recording is not a 'labor of love' but rather a 'gift, an offering of love' from student to teacher. It's a beautiful collection of songs and an inspired performance. Please enjoy...."

Tim Scott - Bass player and Vocalist with Jack Mack, Tower of Power, Dave Mason, Robben Ford, Etta James, The Boneshakers, El Chicano, The Grammy All Stars and his latest project, Zen Blues Quartet, with internationally acclaimed drummer Steve Ferrone.

"Ted Greene was a one-of-a-kind spirit, and both a guiding force and gentle mentor to all to who were lucky enough to study with him. These recordings of John's - a massive and admirable undertaking to say the very least - are not only a fitting tribute, but also represent the reverence and thankfulness that every former Ted Greene student feels each time we pick up a guitar, and reminds us of the rare and brilliant soul that lives on through the musical legacy he left behind."

Jamie Kime, Grammy award winning LA session guitarist with Zappa plays Zappa

"Transmission of anything in art, from a teacher to a student is never really technical, but can require great mastery of technique.  What is transmitted is the spirit in which anything is given, which is the essence of the heart, a true selfless act of generosity.  In this musical tribute, John March has honored his teacher, Ted Greene and his mastery as a musician, but more importantly as a human being capable of the greatest gift music offers us, and that is to elevate the human spirit.  In exploring his teacher’s arrangements John has created an act of reverence, and increased the longevity of his life within that expression.  Ted Greene lives on in the hearts of those students he inspired to be better musicians, and clearly by this tribute, will live on in the hearts of all those who he touched forever, through this beautiful offering. I didn’t know Ted Greene personally, but I feel I know him a little more now, because of who John March is, and I thank him for the masterful teacher he was on and off the strings of the guitar.  His music will reverberate for a very long time. "

Brenda Strong - Yoga teacher/social activist/Actress - Desperate Housewives

"These recordings were made with a lot of love and respect and an enormous amount of talent, the kind formed at the intersection of gifted and hard, hard work. The love and respect is revealed in the notes and the heart that shines through on each track and the talent is in these recordings of Ted's arrangements and John's awesome improvisations within them. A beautiful wreath laid at the feet of the master by his big-hearted student."

Sam Broussard - Solo Guitarist extaordinaire, Slide Guitarist of your dreams and Grammy nominated Guitarist with Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys

"I love how you brought Ted's arrangements to life with your own distinctive tone & feel. A sweet & powerful musical tribute. Thank you!"

Billy Whiteacre - award winning Guitarist and Film and Television Composer, Owner of Big Planet Music

All recordings and performance rights are the property of John March and Shunyata music publishing™, all rights reserved. "A student's tribute to Ted Greene", Copyright© March 24th 2010. Duplication, distribution, broadcast and re-use of any kind, is by permission only.

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