A Ted Greene Tribute Project, Credits and recording setup:

Recorded, engineered, performed and mixed by John March from 1/2009 - 3/2010

I played one of 3 strats, (I don't remember exactly which one was used on which take of each track, sorry...lol),into a Ceriatone Overdrive special clean channel, into a 2x12 Tonic amplifiers cabinet with Fane speakers, recorded with a Royer 122v Ribbon Mic into a VIPRE Mic pre into Protools HD.

Additional musicians:

Bryon Holley - Brushes/percussion on "Blues Medley" and "There will never be another you", percussion on "The look of Love"

John March - 2010

(Please try and listen on real speakers, as opposed to just a small computer speaker, there is a lot of sound going on!)

All recordings and performance rights are the property of John March and Shunyata music publishing™, all rights reserved. "A student's tribute to Ted Greene", Copyright© March 24th 2010. Duplication, distribution, broadcast and re-use of any kind, is by permission only.

Purchase Here: https://zenguitarguy.bandcamp.com/album/chord-alchemy-a-students-tribute-to-ted-greene

Thank you

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